Industrial areas

All operation in the manufacturing engineering cycle of structures, including anti-corrosion protection with the preliminary steel-shot abrading of surface, padding and coating with paint are made at the works and has high productivity equipment, whose specifications allow produce structures using current progressive methods.

A mobile NC thermal cutting lathe model “Kometa” is installed in the blank production shop with the rail path length 16,000 mm, sizes of processed sheets 3,500 x 12,000 (mm) and the number of simultaneously running cutting-out knives – 11 numbers.

The assembly-welding shop is equipped with a highly mechanized continuous production line for assembly and welding I beams of capacity 7,500 tons of structures a year. This allows to manufacture welded I beams not only for the current orders, but for their serial commercial production.

The factory has a unique twin-pillar end milling lathe that is capable of simultaneous milling of the both the ends of the columns of single storied and multistoried frameworks with cross section up to 2,300x3,800 (mm) and length up to 20,000 mm.


Equipment total - 65 units. The detailed list of the equipment can be received having made an inquiry in the company.