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At present Company “MONKON” on a turnkey basis executes full complex of works from project concept development, design, execution of construction works and handover of the facility to the customer. One of the important directions of activity of the company is the production of metal works at its own plant.

Project concept development

Before start of design and further construction of the facility, the experts atCompany MONKON develop the concept of the future project using the site potential to the maximum and satisfying all the existing requirements and restrictions. Different variants of site development are created and compared during development, after which the Customer is offered the most optimal variant of the future building, based on the area, configuration and site relief.

The project concept includes:
•Line plan of the site;
General plan;
Traffic plan;
Floor plans and building roof;
Front elevations;
Explanatory note.

The said set contains all the required data for getting design permit from the state authorities.

Design of buildings and structures

The planning-design office atCompany MONKON is team of professionals, who know their job. The experience accumulated and professionalism allows design as per current quality and safety requirements, and based on the most competitive cost of the end product.

The planning-design office executes full set of works on design of the stages Project and Specification documents.

The project sections contain all the required information for undergoing state expertise and further construction.

Manufacturing and installation of metal designs

It follows from the name of the company that erection of steelworks is the basis of its production activity and is, as a rule, the most complex and responsible stage in the construction of buildings and structures.

The company’s production experience and qualification of the employees, sophisticated technology and erection management, engineering and technical preparation of construction site, availability of production base, mechanisms, tooling assist in fulfilling the contractual obligations and maintaining the required periods, erection quality and safety of erected structures.

General contract

It is the General Contractor, who monitors all the stages of construction, separate types of works, their execution process, and is also responsible for the results and quality.

The Management at Company MONKON is aware of how to correctly and conveniently organize general contract, so that the works were executed with quality in time, and the result corresponded to all the Customer requirements. The company experts competently resolve any issues that may arise during the whole period of construction, from the date of transfer of the site for construction to the commissioning of the building.